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    There is a magical land where peace steps quietly amongst a garden of rainbow leaves. Where luck and fortune fill your days. And gentle clouds caress the sky. A mystical place where power and energy grasp your hand, and opportunity and love embrace your heart. A place where confidence fills your soul and friendship follows your every step. A place where your mind is clear and spring is always fresh in the air. A gentle wanderland of beautiful desires fulfilled.

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    The art of tsl

    To capture the magic of Wanderland, TSL invited the French jewellery designer, Isa Parvex to view the 12 symbols of the Chinese zodiac from a fresh perspective. In so doing, she created a mystical new universe, illuminated by her western artistry and sense of surreal fantasy and a completely new “East meets West” approach to the iconic Chinese symbols. The result is a totally distinctive design entitled the 12 Treasures that is quite unique.  TSL’s uncompromising dedication to perfection in jewellery making and craftsmanship truly brings these amazing designs to life in a chic, modern collection of spellbinding enchantment.
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    The story of the 12 treasures

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